Non conformity and corrective action Handling of nonconformists QMS, EMS, OHSAS:

NPSC has defined the controls and related responsibilities and authorities for dealing with:


  • System operations to control nonconforming grid situations with respect to system parameters are controlled through corrections and corrective actions on real time basis.
  • Undesired events like accidents and incidents.
Undesired events during product realization are dealt with by:
  • Taking action to mitigate or deal with the consequences arising from the event, control and correct it
  • Resorting to corrective action, implement and review the effectiveness of any corrective action taken
  • Maintaining records of the action taken (responsibility: observer of the event) and make changes to IMS as necessary.
  • Reporting to the appropriate authority

Corrective action QMS, EMS, OHSAS:

In order to prevent recurrence of detected nonconformities and undesired events by eliminating their causes, the concerned process in-charge or the Environment and Safety Committee or Information Security Management Forum, as appropriate, takes corrective action commensurate with their effects.
Documented procedure defines requirements for
  • Reviewing the undesired events and nonconformists (including customer Complaints and determining their causes,
  • Evaluating the need for action,
  • Determining and implementing the action needed,
  • Recording and reviewing the results of action.

Continual Improvement QMS, EMS, OHSAS:

NPSC aims for continual improvement to increase the effectiveness of integrated management system through use of IMS policy, objectives, audit results, analysis of data, corrective and preventive actions and management reviews through the NPSC continual improvement framework. The concerned departmental heads set measurable objectives, taking into consideration the improvements needed in the processes and the services.
NPSC is committed to observe transparency and consistency in all its operations. In order to maintain integrity & efficiency of the organization, various measures like workshops to educate the employees so that they do not violate the systems and procedures at any stage of service delivery. Planned & regular inspection, review of systems & procedures and rotation of manpower are done. This in turn contributes towards consistency, transparency and improvements in the functioning of NPSC.
Top Management of NPSC is committed to development and implementation of Integrated Management System and in continually improving its effectiveness. Various systems and procedures established under the Integrated Management System emphasize organizational commitment for meeting customer, interested parties and statutory regulatory requirements.