Performance Evaluation

1. Monitoring, Measurement, Analysis and Evaluation:

NPSC has established the factors to be evaluated based on its Processes, Legal Risks, Internal and External issues and other requirements pertaining to service provision.
Departments of NPSC have established methods for monitoring, measurement, analysis and evaluation of processes related to Integrated Management system of the department.
Concerned departments of NPSC have established methods for performance measurement and monitoring of processes related to QMS/OHSAS/EMS performance to ensure valid results
Departments of NPSC has established suitable methods at appropriate stages for monitoring and measurement of characteristic where it can be analyzed and evaluated of services to verify the consistency in meeting the IMS requirements as per defined criteria.
Records are maintained in the departments such as IMS policy, objectives, inspection, observations, deviations, incident records and calibrations, etc.
The personnel authorized for approval and releases of service delivery are identified by the concerned departmental heads.

1.1. Customer Satisfaction QMS:

Feedback is obtained from all these customers on a sample basis to compute the Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI). The average CSI for NPSC is computed. Direct and indirect indicators are used to measure customer satisfaction.

1.2. Evaluation of compliance QMS, EMS, OHSAS:

The concerned departments of NPSC have developed procedures to periodically evaluate compliance with applicable legal and other requirements, as well as to the other requirements pertaining to IMS requirements of the organization. Records of such evaluations are maintained by concerned departments.