Actions to address risk and its opportunities

While planning for the IMS, the NPSC has considered the issues referred to in 4.1 and the requirements referred to in 4.2 and developed a mechanism to identify the risk and opportunity that need to be addressed to:


    • Assure the IMS in place can achieve intended outcome
    • Prevent, or reduce, undesired effects
    • Achieve continual improvement
NPSC has planned Concerned departments have established procedures for identifying and assessing legal and other requirements pertaining to OHSAS and EMS (NPSC-QHSE-P10).
NPSC has identified its processes and their interactions which have impact on Quality, environment, health & safety related to system operations.
Adequate controls are defined in the concerned departmental procedures to have optimal process performance and to prevent imminent risks (NPSC-QHSE-P01).
The various departments of NPSC units have developed processes required for service realization, which are consistent with the requirement of the other processes in the Integrated Management System.
While planning service realization, departments take into consideration, the issues related to company objectives, requirement for service, environment, health & safety.