1. Resources

NPSC has determined and provided necessary resources to accomplish the PAS standard requirements which are needed for implement, maintain and continually improve the efficiency and effectiveness of IMS system in place.


The infrastructure needed to achieve conformity to service requirements, environment, health and safety and information security concerns are determined by the respective HODs. NPSC management after ascertaining the needs takes necessary action to provide the infrastructure.
The infrastructure includes buildings, work-space, computers, intranet/internet facilities, cafeteria, utilities, process equipment, test and measuring equipment, software, transport and communication.
The support services needed (where appropriate) for maintenance of the infrastructure are planned by the concerned departments of each unit.


All process equipment are replaced as per depreciation given as per local regulations.

2. Competence

Personnel performing work affecting quality, environmental, health & safety aspects are competent on the basis of appropriate education, training, skills and experience. The competence requirements and selection criteria are defined by NPSC HR policy and manual.
Documented evidence of competence in the form of records and is maintained.
NPSC ensures that the necessary competence is available for effective operation of the processes. HODs take necessary actions regarding the following:


  • Determine the necessary competence on the basis of education, training, skills and experience for personnel performing work affecting IMS performance.
  • Analyze the competence required against what is available.
  • Provide training or any other actions to satisfy needs. Training helps to identify the environmental, safety and health responsibilities of both management and employees at the site. Appropriate training programs are conducted for employees to ensure that employees are aware of the environmental aspects & safety hazards to which they may be exposed and the proper methods for avoiding such hazards.
  • Evaluate effectiveness of the action taken.
  • Ensure by proper briefing and through internal communication system that personnel are aware of the relevance and importance of their activities and how they contribute to the achievement of company objectives.
  • Maintain records of education, training, skills and experience of the personnel.
The competency needs for any particular activity are determined in term of IMS job description and personnel are evaluated against these needs prior to assignment and on an ongoing basis.