Organizational Roles, Responsibilities and Authorities
The organization structure for Unit is defined by unit head. The top management of unit supports the continual improvement in its IMS performance, to achieve various set objectives.
Top management is committed to provide required resources and guide employees to excel in their roles. Key process indicators for each department related to service quality are defined by unit head and are communicated to HODs.
Top management has appointed a Corporate Management Representative to implement and operate IMS at all locations of NPSC through respective unit Mrs. MRs appraises top management of their unit and CEO about performance of IMS regularly through Corporate MR in conjunction with Department Head.
MRs ensure all employees of NPSC understand the importance of their roles in IMS establishment, implementation and maintenance and take responsibility of aspects of QSHE in their work areas.
The unit organization chart is given below. The responsibility and authority for service related activities are released by the management of the unit through key performance indicators for individual process and office circulars.
Authority and competency requirements for all posts in the organization structure are documented in Corporate HR policy and Departmental Manual. QHSE Committee is constituted comprising of HODs of all Departments to look into the Health, Security, Safety and Environmental matters. QHSE Committee Leader is the Department MR.
Effective measures are taken to ensure everyone at NPSC knows their individual and collective responsibilities.